Canine Breeding & Reproductive Services

For over 35 years, Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank has served pet owners in Lomira, WI and surrounding communities. Our veterinarians and support staff are proud to provide a comprehensive range of veterinary services to clients from across Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. In addition to general veterinary services, our practice specializes in canine breeding and reproduction. In 2002, Dr. Marty Greer opened our canine semen freezing center and became Penn-Hip Certified. Today, we offer complete breeding and reproductive services for local and out-of-state breeders. This includes counseling and assistance through every step of the process from pre-breeding evaluations to the 8-week check-ups of the puppies.





Our Canine Reproductive Services Include

  • Pre-Breeding testing including Penn-Hip, OFA Hips, and Elbows, Genetic Screening for OFA, VWD, DNA

  • Fertility Evaluation & Treatment of the Bitch & the Stud Dog

  • Semen Freezing with storage right here at our clinic!

  • Fresh Chilled and Frozen Shipment of Semen

  • Hormonal Timing of Estrus in the Bitch

  • Fresh Collected and Fresh Chilled Vaginal, Transcervical or Surgical Inseminations

  • Frozen Transcervical or Surgical Inseminations

  • Pyometra Medical Therapy

  • Treatment for Accidental Breedings

  • Whelp-Wise Monitoring & High-Risk Pregnancy Management

  • C-sections, both Planned and Emergency

  • Neonatal Health Checks & Sick Puppy Care

We also offer Breeding Services at Local Events:

  • Semen Freezing, DNA, and Blood Samples for Genetic Screening at Local Dog Shows

  • Canine Reproduction Educational Presentations for Breeder Groups & Clubs

Why Choose a Dog Breeder?

Working with a locally-sourced dog breeder can offer many benefits for pet owners and buyers. When you are choosing to purchase a puppy from a local breeder, you will often have the benefits of:   

  • Working closely with your dog breeder   

  • Meeting the breeder in person   

  • Going to their home or facility and seeing the conditions where the puppies are bred and raised   

  • Interacting with the sire and dam   

  • Seeing the whole litter and being able to choose the right puppy for you from among the group   

  • Having the breeder’s support when it comes to taking your puppy home and getting them acclimated to their new life   

  • Having inside track information about your pet’s breed-specific and family-specific information, whether potential health concerns or general characteristics

Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank endorse a number of local Wisconsin breeders. These dedicated individuals are committed to producing healthy, happy dogs. In addition, they are active in completing health screenings on fathers, mothers, and puppies to ensure you receive the best possible pet for your family. To see a list of the breeders we work with please visit our Puppy Breeder Referral page.

Please contact us to schedule a breeding appointment!