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Puppy Breeder Referral

Welcome to the Veterinary Village's Puppy Breeder Referral page!

Our Referral Service is a benefit to our active Breeders’ Consortium members who have the option to share their contact information with the public on our website.

Breeders’ Consortium members can be included on this page by filling out this form and sending it to us.

Please contact our breeders about available puppies or upcoming litters as they have the most up to date information.


Alan & Dori Anderson

Outback Red

Breed: Australian Terrier

Phone Number: 414-630-9112

Facebook: Dori Anderson

Facebook: Outback RED Aussies

Email: dori_marykay@hotmail.com

Additional Information:
With experience of over 30 years in the Breed, we have successfully preserved the foundation work of Tara Lee Kennels in Australia and the Maiala Kennel in Illinois. Outback Red strives for good health, and with that comes the correct conformation. Call for an appointment to meet the breed!

Kristen Bachman & Dennis Falck

North Shore Doodles

Breed: Labradoodles & Goldendoodles

Phone Number: 414-559-1778

Website: www.northshoredoodles.com

Email: northshore.doodles@gmail.com

Mary Best

Blackacre Irish Terriers

Breed: Irish Terriers

Phone Number: 262-677-601

Golden RetrieverPaul Biewer


Breed: Golden Retriever

Email: pbiewer@centurytel.net


Valerie Black

La Vie en Roje

Breed: Berger Picards

Phone Number: 262-424-2240

Facebook: Tickled Pink Picards

Email: valblack4@gmail.com

Additional Information:
Founding Member of the AKC parent club for the breed and current president. All my dogs are CHIC compliant. I am a recommended breeder & AKC Breeder of Merit for my breed. I compete in conformation, raise healthy and health tested dogs.

Annamarie Blawat

Beltaine Scottish Terriers

Breed: Scottish Terriers

Phone Number: 414-708-7564

Website: www.beltainescottishterriers.com

Email: annieblawat@wi.twcbc.com

Tina Bothum & Greg Mode

Moon Crest

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Phone Number: 920-728-2023

Facebook: Moon Crest Jack Russell Terriers

Email: minnielu91@yahoo.com

Additional Information:
We are located between Madison and Milwaukee on a seven acre farm. We are proudly owned by these little thugs in clown suits called Jack Russells. We are involved in genetic testing our breeding stock for PLL, SCA, DM Baer & Cerf. Our puppies are handled on a daily basis and are provided their 1st vaccinations and are dewormed. We invite you to our Facebook page to see what it is like to be owned by one of these little thugs in a clown suit!

Brimka Haus German Shepherds

Breed: German Shepherds

Phone Number: 608-501-5389

Website: brimkahaus.com

Email: laura@brimkahaus.com

Additional Information:
We are a small, but serious hobby breeder. We produce one or two litters a year of West German Showline, and our goal is to improve the breed. We are dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog. We strive for sound temperament, beauty and intelligence for a phenomenal family pet. It is our duty and privilege to produce for you, a healthy and vibrant puppy. With that in mind, we work diligently for you by providing health clearances on the sire and dam and an abundance of early socialization for the pups.

LabradorConnie Burghardt

Hidden Pond

Breeds: Labrador Retrievers

Phone Number: 262-241-4781

Email: cburghardt@hotmail.com


Brent Catura

Drumming Wood Kennel

Breed: Brittany

Phone Number: 715-457-2948

Website: www.whoa-boys.com/drumming-woods-kennel

Email: brcatura@gmail.com

Additional Information:
We breed & train Brittanys for foot hunters. Very affectionate dogs that love to be with family. Well socialized with exposure to birds and water work. Breeding stock is from AKC Master Hunter and NAVHDA versatile champion lines. The dogs desire to hunt therefore we prefer to place pups with hunting families.

Stephanie Clemons

Snomel Kennels

Breed: German Shorthair Pointer

Phone Number: 262-490-8755

Email: snomelkennels@gmail.com

Pam & Leah Crowley

Kokuryuu Shibas

Breed: Shiba Inu

Website: www.kokuryuushibas.com

Email: kokuryuushibas@hotmail.com

Elisabeth Davis

Celtic Brae Australian Shepherds

Breed: Australian Shepherds

Phone Number: 815-978-3187

Website: www.celticbraesfarm.com

Email: info@celticbraesfarm.com

Additional Information:
We raise about one litter a year. Puppies are raised in our home, with our family. We do all the recommended testing: elbows, hips, yearly eyes and genetic screening. We participate in puppy culture and life time support of our puppies. We are happy to answer questions.

Pat DeVries

Marshview Kennels

Breed: Portuguese Water Dogs

Phone Number: 920-346-7297

Email: marshviewkennels@centurytel.net

Sandra D. Dollar


Breed: Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Phone Number: 920-479-0772

Website: www.cursan.com

Email: sandy@cursan.com

Sue Dorscheid


Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Phone Number: 920-246-3075

Website: www.elmoandbigsue.com

Email: dorscheidsue@gmail.com

Additional Information:
Breeding for temperament, soundness, health and to ensure the natural instincts of the breed.

Mary Alice Eschweiler

Shepherds Patch

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Phone Number: 414-614-6564

Email: sheppatch@aol.com

Additional Information:
All my dog’s histories are found at: www.bernergarde.org

Mary-Beth Esser

Fireside Kennels

Breed: English Setters

Phone Number: 262-490-8156

Website: www.firesidesetters.com

Email: mbireland2000@yahoo.com

Additional Information:
Our goal is to produce English Setters with all the attributes to be a champion. These qualities include the strong natural desire to hunt and point, a great nose to locate game, and the intelligence to know where to find it. They also have great athletic ability, strength, and endurance. Above all, they should have the strong desire to please, pleasing temperment, and all the qualities of a great champion. We’ve worked with bird dogs for more than 20 years, and have the highest standards for the health and wellbeing of every dog we sell.

Golden RetrieverJudy Essmann

The Golden Choice

Breed: Golden Retriever

Phone Number: 920-960-0425 and 920-921-9505

Website: www.thegoldenchoice.com

Email: judysgoldens@gmail.com

Additional Information:
Welcome to The Golden Choice.  We are very proud of our dogs and very particular about their care.  Our goldens are lovingly raised in our home where they receive daily interaction with our faimly members.  One of our top priorities is to offer puppies that have a sweet disposition and calm temperment.  Our puppies are wormed, dewclaws removed, vet checked, 1st vaccinations and are microchipped.

Sally Flunker


Breed: Standard Poodle

Phone Number: 262-510-8981

Email: sjflunker@wi.rr.com

Elaine Gauthier

Breed: Standard Poodle

Phone Number: 262-689-0475

Email: dgauthier2@charter.net

Granuaile Irish Terriers

Breed: Irish Terriers

Phone Number: 414-228-0268

Email: drsmb1984@att.net

Deborah Gressle

Beacon Hill Portuguese Water Dogs

Breed: Portuguese Water Dogs

Phone Number: 920-568-8780

Website: www.beaconhillpwd.tripod.com

Email: beconhillpwd@att.net

Christine Hagen

Haus Hagen Kennels

Breed: German Shepherd

Phone Number: 920-933-0689

Email: haushagenkennels@hotmail.com

SetterDawn Hamilton & Peggy DaValt

Raritan Gordon Setters

Breed: Gordon Setters

Phone Number: 920-284-5443 or 608-658-3779

Website: www.raritangordonsetters.com

Mary & Richard Heiden

Roseview Shelties

Breed: Shelties

Website: http://roseviewshelties.com

Email: mail@roseviewshelties.com

Kathleen, Margaret and Arnold Henning

Faireview Border Terriers

Breed: Border Terriers

Phone Number: 312-315-9710 or 847-849-3258

Website: www.faireviewborderterriers.com

Email: kmh464c@gmail.com or mmhenning@gmail.com

SighthoundMary Huff


Breed: Whippets

Phone Number: 612-597-0713

Email: cogshall@mac.com

SchnauzerMargaret Hundertmark

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Email: mjc-mark@c-mark.us



SetterTami, Gail & John Jackson


Breed: Irish Setters

Website: www.anamacarairishsetters.com

Facebook: Anamacara Irish Setters

Email: tamarajackson7@gmail.com

Additional Information:
We have enjoyed the company of irish setters since 1968.  We have occasional litters and have produced generations of AKC & UKC Champions.  Many of our dogs also earn obediance, rally, agility, and field titles.  Health clearences are recorded on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website (www.ofa.org).  For more information on our breeding philosophy, experience, and how we raise our litters visit us on our website.

Tammy Johnston


Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Phone Number: 507-896-2089

Email: riverun@acegroup.cc

DobermanDenise Kamine

A-List Kennels

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Phone Number: 262-389-8870

Website: www.alistkennels.net

Email: dkamine1@aol.com

Lesley-Rae Karnes


Breed: Labradors & Border Terriers

Phone Number: 920-668-6511

Website: https://www.donnybrookkennel.com

Email: mh@donnybrookkennel.com

Edwin Kerr Jr

Shining Star GSP

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointers

Phone Number: 262-339-0669

Website: www.shiningstargsp.com

Email: shiningstargsp@gmail.com

Brent Kindred

LACONIA Australian Shepherds

Breed: Australian Shepherds

Website: www.laconiaaussies.com

Email: info@laconiaaussies.com

Chris & Vance Knuth & Bobbie Hefner

Castle Mountain

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Phone Number: 920-667-5363

Email: castlebern@aol.com

Trish and David LaCost

Badger Bulldogs

Breeds: English Bulldogs

Website: www.badgerbull.com

Email: Badgerbull2002@aol.com


LabradorJeff and Stacey Lecher

Rangerwood Kennels

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Phone Number: 920-980-2192

Website: www.rangerwoodkennels.com

Email: jeffl@rangerwoodkennels.com

Additional Information:
We breed all three colors of Labradors. We strive to breed happy, healthy pups that excel in the field and are a pleasure to have in your home. All pups are raised in our home where they get lots of attention and are exposed to many experiences before they go home. All our breeding dogs have the necessary health clearances and have proven themselves on the hunting field and through AKC Hunt Test and/or National Bird Dog Circuit Competitions.

LabradorGlenn Leith

Breeds: Labrador Retrievers

Phone Number: 920-379-6388

Email: GJL_33@hotmail.com



Jeff Lemmenes

Lumpy’s Kennels

Breed: Labs, Small Munserlander, Bavarian Mountain Senthound, Great Dane, Spinone, English Pointer, English Setter, German Shorthair Pointers

Phone Number: 920-948-2982

Website: www.lumpyskennels.com

Email: lumpsdogs@hotmail.com

Additional Information:
Breeding quality pure bred, hunt tested & health tested dogs. Something you can be proud to own.

DachshundCris Lewis

Penny-Lew Dachshunds

Breeds: Dachshunds – Smooth Mini

Email: swimlewis@sbcglobal.net


DobermanMelody Limpach

Dynasty Dobermans

Breeds: Doberman Pinschers

Website: angelcarevet.net/dynasty-doberman.pml

Facebook: Dynasty Dobermans

Email: melodie.limpach@yahoo.com

Yolanda Lininger


Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Phone Number: 715-325-6661

Website: www.linincorgipembrokes.com

Email: linincorgi@tznet.com

Sharon & Mike Long

Sun-Golden Kennels

Breed: Golden Retriever

Phone Number: 608-884-4000

Website: www.sungoldenkennels.com

Email: sungoldenkennelsllc@gmail.com

Susan J. Lutz


Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Phone Number: 920-202-3311

Jerry Mayer

Scuppernong Creek

Breed: English Cocker Spaniel

Phone Number: 262-470-7564

Email: heritagehardwood@milwpc.com

Debbie McKay


Breed: Irish Setter

Phone Number: 262-385-8111

Email: mcauley18r@aol.com

Marry Mellies-Wijas DVM

Vom Wundersee – Haus Juris Chicago

Breed: German Shepherds

Phone Number: 815-742-2487

Website: hausjurischicago.com

Email: gsddvm67@gmail.com

Additional Information:
We breed top German Import Lines, concentrating on health, temperament, working ability and structure. Our puppies are raised in home by a Veterinarian.

Mary Ellen Meyer

MarkWright Keeshond

Breed: Keeshond

Phone Number: 920-901-1651

Website: markwrightkeeshond.com

Email: markwrightkeeshond@yahoo.com

Joseph Minich

Breed: German Wirehair Pointer

Phone Number: 262-909-8412

Email: minich4@yahoo.com

Jeff & Wendy Nienhaus

The Labradoodle Corral

Breed: Australian Labradoodles

Phone Number: 262-327-0970

Website: http://www.thelabradoodlecorral.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/labradoodlecorral/videos/770409536450343

Email: jnienhaus@att.net

OccuPaws Guide Dog Association

Phone Number: 608-772-3787

Website: https://occupaws.org

Email: barb@occupaws.org

Additional Information:
OccuPaws provides guide dogs to the blind at no cost. We use Labradors (English), Golden Retrievers, and Standard Poodles. We are always looking for great puppies that are settled, silent, bold (but not too bold) and fearless.

Jenny Otto

Gypsy Miracle Kennels

Breed: Labradors & German Shepherds

Phone Number: 920-789-1000

Facebook: Gypsy Miracle Farms group

Email: gypsymiracle@yahoo.com

Barb Possehl

Blazin’ Sunrise Labradors

Breed: Labrador Retrievers

Website: www.blazinsunriselabs.com

Email: barbieslabs@yahoo.com

Melissa Puchalla

Puchallas Pups

Breed: English Cream Golden Retrievers

Phone Number: 920-377-0005

Email: melissa@skylight-solutions.com

Additional Information:
A small breeder on a Wisconsin farm raising family goldens. They are born and raised in our home with our children. Held and loved since birth. Parents have all clearances and health checks. Puppies are vet checked and up to date on wormings and vaccinations. This is a family project of love. References Available!

Steve Raehl

Ridgeway Kennel

Breed: Golden Retriever & Labrador Retriever

Phone Number: 920-379-4468

Website: RidgewayKennel.com

Email: ridgewaykennel@att.net

Additional Information:
Ridgeway Kennel provides training for AKC Hunt Tests, Gun Dog training, stud service & occasional litters – specializing in Labrador & Golden Retrivers. Established since 1975.

Linda Rakow

Windsong Boxers

Breed: Boxers & Chinese Crested

Phone Number: 414-807-8591

Website: www.windsongboxers.com

Email: linda@windsongboxers.com

Maria Ramos & Michelle Kau

Breed: English Bulldogs

Phone Number: 262-527-4586

Email: mkau05@yahoo.com

Additional Information:
Our pups are raised in our home. All are AKC Registered, come with papers and are vet checked.

Christina Marie Rappel

Penumbra Irish Wolfhounds

Breed: Irish Wolfhounds

Phone Number: 920-213-2240

Email: giantessxtina@yahoo.com

Colleen Riley

O’Reilly Kennels

Breed: Spanish Water Dogs

Phone Number: 920-606-9155

Website: oreillyspanishwaterdogs.com

Email: crileygb@yahoo.com

Additional Information:
I am a small breeder. All litters are in my home. Parents are fully tested, hips, thyroid, PRA & eyes. I’m a hands on breeder and welcome anyone wanting to be introduced to the breed. SWD’s are hypo-allergenic!

SetterLinda Sell

Linwood English Setters

Breeds: English Setters

Website: www.linwoodes.com

Email: linwoodes@charter.net

Additional Information:
Linwood dogs participate in Conformation, Hunt Tests, Field Trials, Obedience, Agility and Therapy work. Stable temperaments are fully as important as other winning characteristics. My own dogs are “in-the-house” dogs and daily companions. I raise my puppies using a comprehensive neurostimulation and socialization program. It builds confident dogs who adapt easily to new situations. I am committed to improving the health of Linwood dogs and that of my breed in general. I only sell puppies to homes with fenced yards.

Pamela & Victor Siehr

Polish Hill PONs

Breed: Polish Lowland Sheepdog (Polski Owczarek Nizinny)

Phone Number: 920-682-0926

Website: www.polishhillpons.com

Email: psiehr2001@yahoo.com

Additional Information:
We have been in the breed since 1991 and have multiple champions. All puppies & dogs are lovingly home-raised & bred according to diligent health, temperament & breed standards. All puppies & dogs are placed with strict spay/neuter contracts. For more information, please contact us regarding this wonderful breed.

FrenchieKay Sisson & Mary Ortel

Koi Pond French Bulldogs & JK Pugs

Breed: French Bulldogs & Pugs

Phone Number: 262-431-4025

Email: jkpugsnfrenchies@gmail.com

Additional Information:
With over 40 years experience in Pugs and 25 ears in French Bulldogs, we breed to the Parent Club and AKC Standards.  We believe in health screening of both bnreeds.  We consider our puppies our "kids" and you become part of our dog family with one of our puppies!

LabradorChristopher Smith

Black Ice Retrievers

Breed: Labrador Retrievers

Phone Number: 847-274-7351

Website: www.blackiceretrievers.com

Email: chrissmith1313@yahoo.com

Additional Information:
All our breeders have great health clearances. All are clear for the top 7 deceases found in Labradors. We only breed labs with advanced performance titles, e.g. the HKC Master Titles & outstanding proven pedigrees. We are the most award winning decorated pointing Labrador kennel in the country, now with 5 national titles, 3 qualified all age dogs, 8 master hunters & 9 GMPA’s or the equivalent. We have competed in over 500 events in the past 5 years alone. We champion our up-coming breeders week in and week out, all over the USA and Canada. Please look at the details of our outstanding program on our website.

Craig Spice

White Knuckle Bully’s

Breed: American Bullies (XL Class)

Phone Number: 920-784-6390

Facebook: @WhiteKnuckleBully’s

Instagram: @White_Knuckle_Bully’s

Additional Information:
We Strive to breed BIG, clean, structyurally correct XL American Bullies. With "aim to please" personalities. All of our litters are raised in house, as we believe family atmosphere & interaction is key. We look forward to hearing from you!

Rebecca St. Amand

Rogue River Kai Ken

Breed: Kai Ken

Phone Number: 262-930-5886

Website: rogueriverkai.org

Facebook: Rogue River Kai Ken

Email: rogueriverkai@gmail.com

John & JoAnn Stancer

Sand Spring Chesapeakes

Breed: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Phone Number: 920-948-7738

Website: www.sandspringchesapeakes.com

Email: j_stancer@yahoo.com

Additional Information:
Sand Spring Chesapeakes have been breeding performance, conformation and hunting chesapeakes since 2004. We raise our puppies with puppy culture protocols and early neurological stimulation.

Roberta Temple

Temple Pantera

Breed: Highlander and Highlander Lynx

Phone Number: 414-378-3154

Facebook: Temple Pantera Cattery

Email: bobbitemple@att.net

Additional Information:
Small In-Home Cattery. Breeding healthy & well-socialized kittens/cats. These cats are my babies and are loved and well cared for including appropriate vetting. Queen McKenna is a multiple award winning Highlander. She was chosen to represent the Highlander breed as we apply for advancement from “Advanced New Breed” to “Championship Breed”. My goal as a breeder is to advance the Highlander breed by offering beautiful, playful, social, healthy, show quality kittens. My cattery is registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) and REFR (The Rare & Exotic Feline Registry).

Rick Tyacke

Sirius English Bulldogs

Breeds: English Bulldogs

Phone Number: 414-588-6679

Website: www.siriusenglishbulldogs.com

Email: siriuseenglishbulldogs@gmail.com

Additional Information:
Family raised English Bulldogs. Specializing in quality, healthy, active and physically fit AKC English Bulldogs in standard and unique colors. Hand-Raised puppies from our home to your family!

TerrierPat Vande Hei

Ace Point Dogs

Breeds: Jagdterrier

Website: www.acepointdogs.com

Facebook: Ace Point Dogs

Email: acepointdogs@gmail.com

Additional Information:
The Jagdterrier is the total package dog. They are extremely intelligent and trainable, eager to please and loyal. They are protectors and companions that love their masters and family. They are versatile and driven, they love to be active, go for a ride and curl up on the couch at the end of the day. Our dogs are raised in our home with our family and socialized with other dogs. Puppies are health checked, dewormed, micro-chipped, fecal tested and have 1st shots. They are dual registered and come with papers.

Sue Wellenstein

Bugziere Bernese

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dogs

Phone Number: 920-573-0434

Email: bugziere@gmail.com

FrenchieDiane Wiskowski


Breeds: French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, English Springer Spaniels

Phone Number: 262-483-4606

Email: hi-pointbull@netzero.com

Theresa Zeise

Trademark Golden Retrievers

Breed: Golden Retrievers

Phone Number: 920-246-8466

Website: trademarkgoldens.com

Email: trademarkgoldens@gmail.com

Additional Information:
We are a small hobby breader, breeding 1-2 litters a year. We strive for health, longevity, and that wonderful Golden temperament.

Debra Zierler

Harvestime Kennel

Breed: Golden Retriever

Phone Number: 920-766-1768

Website: www.harvestimekennel.com

Email: harvestimekennel@gmail.com

Additional Information:
We have been breeding quality AKC registered Golden Retrievers for 25+ years. ALL dogs are titled in obedience and come from 100% kennel lines. All dogs have hip, elbow, heart and eye clearances. We take great pride in our numerous service and therapy dogs! Our goal is to produce calm, focused and sound dogs.


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