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In addition to having a full schedule of appointments at our clinic Dr. Greer also frequently shares her wealth of knowledge with the radio show and podcast audiences.

Below is a list of the podcasts she has participated in.  We are working on getting these audio programs transcribed for the people who prefer to read rather than listen. See the column on the right to see what episodes we have transcribed!

Cancer Links in Early Spay and Neuter Listen  
C-Section Decisions Listen  
Health Testing 101 Listen  
Cruciate Ligaments Listen  
Frozen Assets (Freezing Semen) Listen  
Lepto Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention Listen  
Dog Days of Summer Precautions Listen  
Identifying and Treating Orthopedic Disorders Listen  
Blastomycosis and Other Fungal Infections Listen  
Pyometra is an Emergency Listen  
Nutritionally Mediated Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) Listen  
K9 Flu and Puppy Vaccination Protocols Listen  
Prostate Problems, Prevention, and Solutions Listen  
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Listen  
Newborn Puppy Risk Factors Listen  
Trafficking in Deadly Diseases from Foreign Rescues Listen  
Veterinary Ethics and Building a Relationship with Your Vet Listen  
Brachycephalic Breeds' Health and Legislation Listen  
Pre-Breeding Protocols, Folic Acid, and Cleft Palate Listen  
Breed Specific Anesthesia Fact and Fiction Listen  
Allergies! Food, Inhalant, Fleas and More Listen  
Poopy Happens: Puppy Diarrhea Causes and Treatments Listen  
Intestinal Blockages: Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Listen  
Safely Incorporating Our Dogs in Holiday Festivities Listen  
Veterinary Legislation is a Slippery Slope for Pet Owners Listen  
Healthy, Happy Travels to Westminster Kennel Club Show Listen  
Bugs are Coming! Safe Products for Breeding Dogs and Coronavirus Listen  
Progesterone Timing for Pregnancy Success Listen/ Read
Mastitis Causes, Prevention and Treatment Listen/ Read

Fond du Lac's 96.1  THE ROCK

Wound Treatment and After Hours Care Listen  
Spring Allergies, Fleas and Ticks Listen  
Allergy Management, Fear Free Vet Visits, and Chiropractic Treatments Listen  
Winter Temperatures, Holiday Treats, and Christmas Tree Saftey Listen  
Frostbite, Outdoor Dogs, and Poison Control Listen  
Lyme Disease, Leptospirosis, Heartworm, Flea and Ticks Listen  
Arthritis, Torn Cruciate (ACL), Joint Supplements Listen  
Fleas and Ticks, Mosquito Bites, Heat and Humidity Listen  
Table Scraps, Antifreeze, Mouse and Rat Poison Listen  
Dangerous Superbowl Snacks Listen  
Lyme Disease, Leptospirosis, Outdoor Dangers Listen  
Heat Exhaustion and Keeping Your Pet Cool Listen  
Holiday Foods to Avoid Listen  
Holiday Decoration Awareness, Poison Control Hotline Listen  
Landscaping Plants, Pest Control, Summer Awareness, Fleas, and Ticks Listen  
Advancement in Veterinary Care Listen  
Breast Cancer Awareness, Taurine Deficiency and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) Listen  
Thanksgiving Foods That You Can Share, and the Ones You Can't Listen  
Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Pets Listen  
Easter Holiday Dangers: the Easter Basket, Sugar-Free Candy, and Easter Lilies Listen  
Foreign Dogs and the Dangerous Diseases They May Carry Listen  
The Importance of Grooming and introducing Veterinary Village Pet Grooming Listen  
The Dangers of Blue-Green Algae Listen  
Dog and Cat Allergies- the Symptoms and Treatment Listen  
Breast Cancer Awareness- The Signs and Treatment of Mammary Tumors Listen  
Halloween Candy and Thanksgiving Food Dangers Listen  
Holiday Awareness including Cord Chewing, Toxic Plants, and Decorations Listen  
Cold Weather Safety for Outdoor Pets Listen  
Coronavirus, Veterinary Village Wellness Clinic, Late Winter Dangers, and Year-Round Flea/Tick Protection Listen  
Dental Health Month, Dental Care at Home, Veterinary Village Health Clinic Listen  
How COVID-19 effects Veterinary Village Listen/ Read
Allergies and other Spring Dangers Listen/ Read