Instant Rebates Are Here!

You can say goodbye to the mail-in rebates, and hello to instant rebates from your flea, tick, heartworm, and internal parasite prevention!

Sentinal Spectrum:Sentinel Spectrum

  • Buy 6 get $7 off
  • Buy 12 get $25 off

Bravecto 12 WEEK:Bravecto

  • Buy 2 get $10 off
  • Buy 4 get $25 off

Sentinel Spectrum and Bravecto Bundle:

  • Buy 6 Sentinel Spectrum AND 2 Bravecto get $25 off
  • Buy 12 Sentinel Spectrum AND 4 Bravecto get $75 off

Gone are the days of filling out a form and mailing it, only to wait and wait for your rebate. We can now apply rebates INSTANTLY when you purchase Bravecto and/or Sentinel for an immediate. discount!

Please note that to qualify for a rebate, all doses must be of the same product and size, for the same pet, and purchased at the same time.

Want to order Bravecto and/or Sentinel for your pet? Give us a Call or order from our Online Store!