Our next puppy class starts on June 4th!  Call the clinic to register

Are you looking for a training class for your new puppy?

The first few months of a puppy's life lay the foundations for who they will become as adults. Habits are made that can be hard to change as they age. That is why we recommend starting with puppies as young as 8 weeks. Let us help you get your puppy started on the right path in life!

About Instructor Kerry Sheridan

I have been helping puppy owners learn how to socialize, bond with, and teach basic obedience commands to their canine “babies”. I’ve been using positive reinforcement methods in my classes for nearly twenty years. I currently have 3 dogs in my household. I firmly believe in training a puppy to grow into becoming a good member of your family and the community. -Kerry Sheridan

What Will My Puppy Learn?Puppy Training

  • Recognize Their Name
  • Come When Called
  • Pay Attention
  • Basic Obedience Commands
  • Interact Socially with Other Puppies and Humans
  • Walk on a Loose Leash

At the first class, handlers will attend without their puppies to have an introduction to the instructors and an overview of the class.


Puppy TrainingThis class is for puppies aged 8-22 weeks and costs $95.00 for the 7-week class, each class lasting 60 minutes. Puppies are required to have their Distemper (DAPP or DHLPP) and Bordetella vaccinations before class begins. Only one adult (18 years or older) per puppy.

Contact Veterinary Village at 920-269-4072 to register! Payment is required at the time of registration.