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Pet Health Insurance

Pet care can be costly at times, especially when emergency care, surgery, or any other treatment is required. That’s why Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank recommends pet insurance, such as the Whole Pet with Wellness plan by Nationwide Insurance, or call 866-VET-3471. With this plan, you can receive 90% back on your veterinary bills at a low monthly rate. For general inquiries about pet insurance and our payment policy, give us a call at 920-269-4000.

Payment Options

The staff of Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank understand that everyone has lives to live, and with living comes living expenses. This is why we like to make getting your pet the healthcare he needs as easily accessible as possible, by accepting a variety of payment options.

These payment options include:
American Express
Vet Billing

Vet Billing

Veterinary Village and International Canine Semen Bank uses Vet Billing to make healthcare more affordable for our four-legged patients. With this useful service, we’re able to offer our clients flexible payment plans, so you can take care of your pet’s health needs and stay financially secure at the same time.