These are the core values of Veterinary Village.  We wanted to take a few moments to share with you how these have been the focus at Veterinary Village during this unprecedented COVID-19 situation.  The pandemic is affecting our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life.  Our hearts go out to anyone who has been impacted by the virus either directly or indirectly.  Veterinary practices are essential businesses and our team will continue to provide some normalcy and understanding to you as we care for your beloved pet.  

Devoted – Our team is loyal!  The team members at Veterinary Village have been here for you every day since the beginning of the pandemic.  They have remained devoted and focused on the health and safety of each other, the clients, and pets.  Remaining devoted has enabled us to keep our doors open and allow 1 person in the clinic for each appointment.  Many clinics have remained curbside and no one is allowed in for the appointment.  Our garage has been able to accommodate certain situations and appointments.  Our team continues to be devoted and with continued compliance to the safety measures, we will remain open 7 days a week for you.

Collaboration – It takes a team!  We have been very transparent and have had open conversation regarding our safety measures.  We have spent numerous hours reviewing articles and advice from governing bodies on what are the best safety precautions.   We have developed and continue to review safety measures that will give us the best opportunity to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.  Recommended by national and state governing bodies, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is still the best practice for reducing the spread of the coronavirus.  Our team will continue to practice this safety measure and we ask that our clients respect and practice this as well.  

Innovation – A new idea!  Every change we have made since March has been a new idea and adventure.  We have encouraged input from the team and clients as we have navigated through.  Every idea was a consideration and talked through so that we could come up with the right plan.  We will continue to process ideas, develop, adapt, and implement additional safety measures to keep our team, clients, and pets healthy.  We will not let up on thinking about the next steps.

You have a team of superheroes here at Veterinary Village that put on their super suits every day to ensure the best care of your beloved pets is provided.  They are doing a tremendous job for all of you through the extreme stress this pandemic has caused.  Please continue to be kind and understanding.  We need to get through this together.

Thank you!
The Veterinary Village Team