October 15, 2018

TAURINE UPDATE    by Dr. Marty Greer

This past Saturday at our Breeder's Health Clinic I spent the day with Dr. Heidi Kellihan, the cardiologist at UW Vet School.

She is very serious about the cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) she is seeing associated with Grain Free Diets. She is recommending that all and she means ALL dogs on Grain free diets have a taurine blood test drawn and sent to UC Davis for testing.

I am going to extend our health clinic pricing for Taurine testing thru Thursday Oct 18. After that, the regular price will apply. That test is a discounted price of $96.00, the normal price is $155.80. If you want this special pricing, call for a tech appointment and we will get you in this week.

In addition, she is recommending getting these dogs onto "normal" dog food - we have recommended these brands:
Royal Canin/Iams
Hill's Science Diet
AND adding Taurine supplements

The recommended Taurine supplement according to Tuft's research is from GNC.  We have Science Diet non-prescription food in stock and we have ordered Taurine supplements and will have it on our shelves soon.

Please take this seriously - this is NOT fake news. We are seeing clinically affected dogs in Wisconsin.

See our page on Taurine Testing for more information!

Call if you want a nutritional consultation with one of our doctors.