Pre-Natal Care  for  ____________

Congratulations on completing your planned breeding. Her ovulation date was ________ and she was bred on ____________ .

Please feed ___________ a high quality commercially prepared performance dog food diet. Monitor her intake carefully for the first 5 weeks of her pregnancy to avoid excessive weight gain. It is common for many pregnant dogs to have a decrease in their appetite for a meal or two at the 3rd to 5th week of pregnancy. Please contact us if she refuses more than 3 meals. After the 5th week, she can have her meals increased to meet the demands of her pregnancy. We do not endorse feeding a raw meat diet or adding supplements to the diet during pregnancy as these can lead to a variety of health concerns. Please do not administer vaccines or any medications to your pet unless your veterinarian has prescribed them knowing she is bred - even ear drops can be dangerous during pregnancy if they contain a steroid.

So we can monitor her pregnancy, please make an appointment for the following:

 Suture removal in 10 to 14 days ________________.

Ultrasound in 26 to 30 days ____________________.

Panacur should be used once daily from day 42 of pregnancy through day 14 of lactation to reduce the parasite load in the pups. 

X-rays in 55 to 60 days for puppy size, count and position ___________________.

Surgery appointment for a scheduled C-section on ___________________ .

Her predicted date to whelp is _______________ . A rectal temperature of less than 99 degrees indicates she could whelp at any time.

Please call for assistance if you see green, red, or black discharge prior to the delivery of the first pup, hard straining for over 1 hour with no pup delivered, more than 3 hours between pups, or any other concern that her labor is not progressing normally.

The pups should be wormed every 2 weeks starting at 2 weeks of age. Examination and vaccinations should be done at 8 weeks of age, prior to placing in new homes.

As always, please call if you have any questions. Phone number ________.  Please feel free to contact _______________________ on our staff for assistance.